There is no pleasure quite like good food and, lucky us, there are so many ways to partake of this bliss. A fresh, vibrant salad. A shining plate of eggs Benedict (especially at brunch, that lovely time when eating is a relaxed, rambling affair). Roast chicken made bright with herbs and lemons. Beef braised slowly and masterfully. Dumplings, steamy and plump with shrimps. Sweet, sweet cupcakes. Some of us create these emissaries of joy at home, out of our own kitchens. This food blog is for those of us who go out in search of them.

Launched in 2007, Table for Three, Please is a journal of the highs and lows of eating out. Penned by three writers living and eating in Manila, the impressions cover the city’s restaurant scene—from no-frills joints to casual diners and cafés to fine establishments. In Manila, the restaurantscape is dynamic and diverse, serving plates of everything from Philippine cooking of various regional inspirations to food and flavors from all parts of the globe. Here and there, Table for Three, Please also publishes restaurant impressions from Hong Kong, Bangkok, and other dining capitals. More than just a critique of culinary execution, each post is a thoughtful essay on all the components that make up the dining experience—the menu, the chef, the service, the dishes that succeeded and the dishes that failed. The trio of contributors report on the meal that was, sending photographs along with the words. In 2009, their indefatigable efforts and spirited appetites were rewarded with the accolade of Best Food and Beverage Blog from the Philippine Blog Awards.

And because good food is a passion shared by many, this particular table makes room for guests—chefs share their stories and plans via interesting Q&As, photographers capture the action in restaurant kitchens, and fellow food bloggers write about their pursuit of memorable foodie moments. Devotion to food is consuming, of course, so occasionally the Three also post non-reviewing pieces. Things like an ode to pineapple, reminiscences of childhood snacks, and instructions for making ice cream at home. Yes, the pleasure of food comes in many ways.

Welcome to Table for Three, Please. Pull up a chair.