Goto Monster

By Kitchyart on 21 July, 2017

The great thing about having family and friends visit Manila is being able to go out and discover new places in the city. I’ve heard good things about Goto Monster for some time now. One of our visiting friends is completely obsessed with it that he insisted we had to try it out. I’ve made two visits to make sure that whether sober or slightly intoxicated, their food delivers.

We were lucky to have met the owner, Jean, on our first visit and she chatted with us for a bit. She is a graphic designer by profession and she created the logo for Goto Monster. It’s been around for 2 years now and it’s still busy. Jean says they buy all their ingredients fresh from the market daily and food is only prepared as you order so it takes a few moments to get to your table.

On to the food. The Goto Beef Tripe Lugaw (tripe rice porridge) is to die for. The tripe is soft and sliced perfectly to fit in every bite. The fine tinapa flakes and chicharon blends in so well as you mix the lugaw as well as the salted egg. (I like to save the salted egg for my last bite.) A side order of the tokwa + bagnet adds more texture into the lugaw. If you’ve had some to drink, the fatty pork will definitely soak up all that alcohol in your system. Goto Monster is prepared for all your lugaw needs, they have several bottles of condiments to complete your experience. They even have some in-house chili sauce that looks like it could burn your lips off.

Let’s not forget dessert. Goto Monster makes their own ice cream pops and Jean introduced to us their various flavors: leche flan, banana chocnut, bibingka special and ginataang halo halo. Our group each had their own favorites which means they were all equally delicious. On a separate occasion, we got the champorado waffles a la mode: two chewy chocolate waffles sprinkled with pinipig (puffed rice) topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup plus a side of fried dilis. So worth the calories.

Goto Monster did not disappoint. It’s worth the trip any time of the day. And for the quality of food they whip out, you get more bang for your buck.


Goto Monster
245 Primo Rivera cor Pablo Ocampo Extension
Makati City
Tel. (+63.916) 300.2600
Open 24 hours


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