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Namee Jorolan-Sunico Launches Whole+Natural: Baby Food

By Anonymous Paul on 4 May, 2016


Last year we featured how Namee Jorolan-Sunico obsessively made these incredible meals for her Baby J. Baby J isn’t quite a baby anymore but Namee did manage to push out this other baby this year.


A cookbook of her recipes. Beautifully shot. Handsomely bound and independently published. Simply titled as Whole+Natural: Baby Food. A true labor of love.


These aren’t available in any bookshops yet but you can pre-order for the June 15, 2016 batch by emailing


From left: co-authors Melanie Jimenez, Namee Jorolan-Sunico and Tanya Yuson with book designer Abi Goy

We love seeing our friends doing what they love.


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