12/10, We Meet Again

By Kitchyart on 29 February, 2016

My friend M and I were driving around Makati to eat and drink before a concert; enjoying the drive on a holiday. We had a lot of time to spare so we ended up heading to Guijo Street and found ourselves seated at the bar of 12/10.


Uni Toast

From my shot, this doesn’t look much but inside is uni, pineapple jam, liver pate and shiso leaf. The fried bread adds a nice, fatty touch.



Katsu Sando

12/10 replaces the bread with a steamed bun for this dish and makes a mean crispy pork katsu with red cabbage and yuzu. This was gone in 3 demure bites.


Salmon Kushiyaki

An unusual combination of grilled salmon topped with a hint of truffle, aonori, curry and cornflakes. They work well together.



Spicy tuna, foie gras, negi and blasamic maple syrup. Best finale. M and I could have ordered 2 more plates each of this.


Ramos Gin Fizz

Good things come to those who wait. If you’re familiar with Orange Julius, this is the more refined, boozy cousin. I love a frothy beverage, thanks to the magic of egg whites. 12/10 makes the best one for me, it doesn’t leave any funky residue in the mouth.

It’s been a year since our last visit, the restaurant was still new. I recall enjoying the food but our dishes and drinks were mixed up. As we were a big group there was a misunderstanding settling our bill. We didn’t take the issue up with management but we thought they needed to improve on how to handle these common mistakes in a more mature manner. This was a mistake on our part, since we should have made it a point to voice out our concerns to help their business.

Perhaps between last year and today they had clients who had a similar experience as ours and they brought it up with the management. I’m impressed that our present experience was a very pleasant one and felt necessary to commend an establishment for the vast improvement.

12/10 is a great spot for pre-game or happy hour. Think of an izakaya: small plates and a couple of drinks. It’s hard not to want to do repeat orders of everything. That just means you need to keep coming back for more.


7635 Guijo Street
San Antonio Village, Makati
Tel. (+63.915) 663.2823

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