The Riedel Room’s Bloody Caesar

By sanju on 15 September, 2014


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have enjoyed the Riedel Room’s version of the Bloody Mary. I enjoyed it so much, that I asked owner, Elbert Cuenca to share the recipe with us. And here it is:

Our Bloody Mary is actually a Bloody Caesar because we use a mixture of tomato juice and Clamato.

It’s similar to this.

But instead of celery salt, we like to use Sicilian sea salt.

The recipe calls for:
– glass rimmed with Sicilian Sea Salt half filled with ice
– high-quality and clean-tasting vodka (we use Russian Standard)
– equal parts of tomato and clamato juice
– half a lemon, squeezed
– dash Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
– Tabasco sauce (dash or pour, depending on whether the preference is mild or spicy)
– freshly cracked pepper
– celery stick garnish

As an aside to Elbert’s recipe here are some additional comments. First, pick a brand of tomato juice that has the right consistency. If the juice is too thick or too watery then your overall drinking experience will not be as excellent.

Also, I cannot accentuate enough the use of a clean-tasting vodka as Elbert says. Aside from Russian Standard, I also like Stoli Triple Distilled Vodka or Ketel One.

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