Old School French Fries

By Anonymous Paul on 1 April, 2014

Here’s a glimpse of the old school. These are called Old Style Fries over at Dulcelin Gourmet. Deep fried in tallow (fat rendered from beef); it’s why McD’s used to have the best tasting fries.

They’re properly cooked as well. An even golden brown all over; a hard crunchy exterior and fluffy insides. Salty and meaty and just filled with umami (linamnam). Guaranteed to snuff out any cravings. It’s served with a side of mayonnaise but it’s not needed at all (I’d actually prefer Fancy Ketchup if it were available).  And before anyone gasps and throws in the health argument, please care to consider: would you rather have these potatoes cooked in said tallow, or potatoes coated with sugars and starches for “perfect” crispness, doused with substances to chemically replicate flavors of the beef tallow frying process then dunked in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils? Or so I’ve read.

I don’t know, these are pretty good. And not just because its smell reminds me of my youth. I died a little bit on my first bite and, yes, in this case it’s probably literal. But worth it.


Dulcelin Gourmet
UP Town Center,
Katipunan Ave
Quezon City
Tel (+632) 955.2306

Dulcelin Website

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  • APRIL 1, 2014 3:53 PM

    Ricky said...

    Thanks for featuring our fries. It actually took quite a bit of experimentation to get these right, but we're glad the effort is appreciated. Our goal was replicate the McD's fries of the past, and hopefully even improve on it. The McD's fries in the 80's were flavorful but not very crispy, except for the tiny bits that collected at the bottom.