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Our 2013 Christmas Gift Guide

By admin on 3 December, 2013

The Three came together and compiled a short list of gift-worthy items for the Holidays. We really don’t know why we only thought of doing it this year but, hey, better than never. Feel free to add your suggestions as well in the comments section. Christmas countdown starts now!

Super Suman from Pepita’s Lechon
Pepita’s is actually known for their different types of stuffed lechon and other savory treats, however, if you are a kakanin fan like us, you will love Pepita’s owner Dedet De La Fuente’s Super Suman.   A whole Suman (Rice Cake) chock full of little treats like Choc nut pieces, pastillas, yema and whole lot more, that were Dedet’s favorites while growing up. This topped with a generous amount of sweetened coconut crème.  Super Suman comes in two sizes.  The large at P2500 can serve 15-30 persons as long as we are not around.  While the small at P1500 can serve 8-12.  Orders must be placed at least 3-5 days in advance and has to be picked up from a location in Makati.   Call +632 4254605/+63917 8660662 for more information.

Baby Pat Breads and Pastries by Pearl De Guzman
Pearl makes the most lovely ensaymadas; a combination of old and new styles resulting in a pastry that’s yeasty, fluffy and elastic. There’s just the right amount of sweetness and it’s not too aggressively  topped with quezo de bola. Restraint gives her ensaymadas balance in terms of flavor, but there is that special texture you can’t find in anyone else’s. Our favorites are her classic style and ube; which has natural ube halaya (purple yam) swirled in the dough. To order: Baby Pat Facebook Page ,Tel.+63.923.975.9777

Spiced Date Cookies by Kate Baked Cookies (Kate is actually our very own Kitchyart, who is, objectively speaking, a fabulous cookie baker.)
If you like date pudding, Kate Baked Cookies created a chewy bite size version in a form of a cookie. These cookies are exclusive to Two Tots Home Accessories Inc. To order:

Roast Turkey from the Mandarin Oriental
Roast Turkey is one of our favorite holiday treats.  We just enjoy having it with different kinds of stuffing tempered with a tart cranberry sauce.  Few do it better than the Mandarin Oriental in Makati.   Their roast turkey comes with Chestnut Stuffing, Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Sauce with whole cranberries, and Steamed Vegetables. Turkeys are around 6-7kg. and cost P1120/kg Net.  Orders need to be placed two days in advance at the Mandarin Deli.  Call (+632) 750.8888.

Delimondo’s Spicy Tinapa and Callos
Yes, that’s right. Not just corned beef. Delimondo actually has a whole range of products available at Petra and Pilar at the JAKA Center, Chino Roces Ave. And we were ultimately impressed with their Spicy Tinapa in Tomato Sauce, which you can either serve as a dip or toss with pasta, and the Callos al Estilo Morado, which is gelatinously as good as or better than any home-made ones we’ve had.  Tel. (+632) 887.5168, Email: Facebook Page

The Apple Pie at Segovia’s Cakes and Recipes
Segovia’s is located in a quaint ancestral house in one of the narrow streets of Little Baguio. They’re incredible proud of their mamon. Yes, mamon. An extremely refined version of it. So rich and eggy; with a perfect level of sweetness that isn’t cloying. They also have a Leche Flan Cake (P500) composed of a similar chiffon base as the mamon then topped with a decadent layer of leche flan and drizzled with caramel. What? But our favorite of all is their Apple Pie (P950 whole pie).  Great crust. So incredibly packed with fresh green apples, and generous with the cinnamon. It absolutely tastes like Christmas! Order in advance: Segovia’s Facebook Page, Tel. +632.477.2229

Real Girl Toy Kitchen’s Chimichurri
Johanna Garcia personally cooks and bottles every single one of her stews and soups; making use of locally sourced and organic ingredients. But she also offers spreads and sauces that make for thoughtful presents. We personally love her Chumichurri (P400/bottle), an Argentinian olive oil and herb-based sauce used to dab on steaks and grilled items. Perfect for upcoming celebrations. Visit:

Spicy Scallops by Chef U’s Kitchen
Chef U is a catering company run by an Enderun trained chef but they also supply food conveniently packaged in serving trays that are great to bring to parties. Try their seasonal baked scallops in dynamite sauce; with a motoyaki style topping consisting of spicy Japanese mayo and tobiko (flying fish roe).  Their baked salmon covered with melted gruyere is also worth considering (P750 small tray, P1650 big tray). If you plan on reheating at home specify to undercook a bit. To place orders email: or visit their Facebook Page.

Calamansi Brandy Jam by The Fruit Garden
These locally prepared jams are prepared in small batches and cooked in copper cauldrons. The Calamansi Brandy is a personal favorite and it goes well with soft cheeses. Where to buy.

Roshan’s Christmas Hampers (Nepotism Alert:  Roshan is Sanju’s younger sister.)
Aside from Cakes and Ice Cream, Roshan can customize Christmas Hampers for personal and corporate gift giving.   Choose from an array of extremely delicious cookies, biscotti and bars.  Mix and match depending on your budget and how much you want to impress your recipient.  And believe me, they will be impressed.  Depending on the quantity, orders must be placed two to three days ahead. To order:

Ritual Shop at The Collective
The people at Ritual always have interesting stuff around. This recent visit we found some fun finishing salts; flavored with alagaw (a seasonal Ilocano seaweed), fresh curry leaves and mushrooms (P150/bottle). Also available now are cassia bark, or “bastard” cinnamon from Mindanao. With a distinct anise note and very pungent. Any cook or baker would definitely appreciate a bottle of bark. Visit the Ritual Website.

Hokkaido Style Cupcakes by Milk Box
Because it’s so darned good, we decided to include a past feature here again. Light and airy chiffon cupcakes filled with the most sublime pastry cream. It’ll be the star of your potluck parties. To order: Tel. (+63.917) 899.9622 Milkbox’s Instagram




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