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Blu Kouzina

By Anonymous Paul on 19 April, 2012

Blu Kouzina’s a bit out of the way. But it is worth the travel. The place is run by Greek couple Effie and Dennis Tsakiris, with the wife running the front of the house and the husband, the kitchen. And you really feel they are on top of everything, to the point of micro-managing. At least that’s what diners are privy to as you see them buzzing about the premises. Greek cooking usually does not involve long lists of ingredients and complex techniques for a single dish but rather focuses on using the best possible handful of components to create hearty, generous plates. And at the center of it is olive oil. This establishment not only prides itself in serving Greek olive oil, but of Greek olive oil produced by the family’s Messinea estate; cheekily called Green Gold. It is splashed generously on most everything. As we sat down we were served a beautiful home made loaf; very dense and yeasty, it’s texture similar to a large biscuit. We tore-off chunks and dabbed them into some of the oil. And I have to say I’ve never tasted olive oil like it. Intensely fruity, bright and citrusy; it didn’t feel heavy on the tongue at all. I was liking this preview of our meal to come.

We had some Tzatziki as a starter. Thick Greek style yoghurt mixed with shredded cucumber, garlic and lots of olive oil. It was creamy and I liked that the yoghurt was not so tart. Freshness on a plate.

We also had the Kalamaki Souvlaki, grilled lean cubes of meat served with grilled vegetables. There really is something deliciously primal about quality beef, seasoned with salt and placed atop an infernal fire. The meat was on the lean side and probably best to consume while hot.

The sputtering and splattering grilled squid came next; placed atop a cast-iron pan, swimming in olive oil. It was of size and the first thing I went for were the tentacles. Deliciously charred crisp and meaty in some parts. At this point Dennis walks up to our table to check on us and says “You should get some of the bread and dip it in the pan juices. It’s magical.” I would probably never use the word “magical” to describe food. But then it really was.  You get that intense squid flavor with some crisped parsley and that excellent oil. The use of the cast-iron pan alone imparts a unique smoky character. The downside is that the longer it sat on the plate, the chewier the squid got.

The Spanakopita was incredibly delicate. Layers upon layers of pillowy phyllo with a delicious spinach and feta center. Simple but good.

The Kotopoulo sto Fourno Me Patates is just a Greek translation of ” ridiculously-fall-off-the-bone-tender-roasted-chicken.” The skin was a delicious golden brown and crisp while the meat was so succulent. And lemony. The potatoes were a bit soggy so I had just opted for more of the bread and olive oil as a starch. All in all… delicious.

It was a nice, sunny Sunday lunch in Singapore. Where I almost felt like I was in the Mediterranean; not in a hokey Greek inspired theme restaurant. The atmosphere of the place feels like the real deal. And more so the food.



Blu Kouzina
893 Bukit Timah Road

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