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Lenten Libertines: Ganso-Shabuway

By sanju on 24 March, 2012

It is that time of year again when most everyone I know is giving up something they love to eat as a sacrifice. Yes it’s the Lenten Season. In keeping with this tradition, many restaurants come up with their own version of dishes that have a common theme.  They are mostly seafood or veggie based dishes that are available till Easter.

Ganso-Shabuway, the California based Japanese Hotpot restaurant is no different. Known for its clean tasting broth and prime cuts of beef and a wide array of fresh vegetables, they now offer a Unagi and Seafood Dumpling Shabu Shabu set (P575). One may also opt for the same sans the unagi at a more affordable P375. This is available for a limited time. Depending on its popularity, these sets may just become a permanent menu fixture.

I have been to Ganso-Shabuway a couple of times, and I have always enjoyed their beef offerings served with a slightly spiced Miso broth or a seaweed broth and a very tasty sesame dipping sauce. They also serve a Ponzu dipping sauce but I still prefer the sesame variant. I find it goes very well with the meat and veggies. My only quibble about the place used to be that there is no other offering aside from beef. I have always asked the restaurant manager if they planned to introduce other types of meat or seafood in the future.  Well my prayers were answered–in a way.

Recently, I heard from my sister that Ganso-Shabuway now has a seafood variant. She was very fuzzy with the details, so I lost no time checking out what they had in store. I ordered the unagi set. It comes with a bowl of rice topped with a good-sized piece of unagi with the usual sweetish sauce, a veggie plate and a few seafood dumplings. The set had four types of dumplings: A crab and egg dumpling, North Sea scallop dumpling, fish dumpling and stuffed cod ball. There were also a couple of kani sticks, something that I am not too fond of, thrown in. The veggies were crisp and fresh as always. I also ordered a side of shimeji mushrooms (P80) just because I love all types of Japanese mushrooms.

I found everything quite good. Although I kept thinking to myself how awesome this set would be if an array of fresh seafood had been included in the mix just to add a bit more variety. But one cannot have everything all the time, right? I still think that it is still worth trying especially if you want a different Ganso-Shabuway experience.


2F Greenbelt 5
Makati, Philippines
Tel +6329036763

Level P1
Powerplant Mall
Makati, Philippines








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  • MARCH 27, 2012 12:51 AM

    Ganso-Shabuway said...

    Thanks for your wonderful blog entry. We hope to see you back in one of our branches! :D Please visit soon, we will be launching kurubuta shabu shabu soon! and we just opened our Alabang Town Center branch too! So come visit if you're ever in that area! Arigato!! (^,^)

  • APRIL 2, 2012 4:53 PM

    Anonymous Paul said...

    I had this unagi/veg plate yesterday and well, just like you, I really dislike kani sticks. The dumplings I couldn't help but think were the grocery variety found in the freezer sections. The unagi was pretty much the best part. And the fresh vegetables. Hopefully they use fresh seafood next time around. But their beef and kurobota pork plates are still quite good.

  • APRIL 18, 2012 10:45 AM

    sanju said...

    Most Welcome. Will visit soon to try your new offerings.