Foods From Hell: Sunrise Buckets’ Ultimate Crazy Hot Wings

By Anonymous Paul on 27 April, 2011

Coming out of the “Season of Lent”, when most hold back on what they eat (if they’re Catholic), we’ll be covering our takes on foods from hell. Decadent, salacious, sinful and whatever it is one so easily gives in to with a little seduction. Or whatever concept that correlates to hell. For me that abstraction would be the scorching heat. In a good way, of course.

Slathered with layers and layers of chili.

But before going on, let me just confess that I’m a chili head. Ok,ok….. addict. I suppose this entry goes out to all chili heads out there as well. I’ve always loved spicy foods even when I was young. And living in Thailand for a time seemingly just made things worse as my tolerance for heat greatly increased. I’ll eat anything chili from Sichuan to labuyo, bird’s eye to anchos, togarashi to chipotles; dried or fresh I’d most likely appreciate them all. But I do have my limits as I can only take moderate amounts of Habaneros; and anything above that (read: bih jolokias) would absolutely be suicide. For a time I had to seek medical attention for using too much Spontaneous Combustion hot sauce. The details are unnecessary but let’s just say I kept using the blasted sauce because it actually tasted good. So I would be saying that I sort of know my hot stuff. I’m not saying I munch on chili pods like some of our Bicolano friends, but generally I like my heat to be part of the balance of flavors as a whole in a dish.

No messing around, plastic gloves a necessity.

Which brings us to chicken wings. There have been a lot of wing places sprouting all over the metro and some are commendable for “modern” flavors, or the crispness of the skin. But those I’ve tried promising something “atomic” or “nuclear” or something akin never really delivered. Till I encountered Sunrise Buckets’ Ultimate Crazy Hot wings. The wings themselves are fried to perfection. Lightly seasoned and dusted with flour which leaves the skin crispy and the meat luscious. Pretty straightforward. But what makes it crazy is the sauce. Whoever formulated it certainly knew what they were doing; combining, to my inference, at least three types of chilies: the sharp, biting bird’s eye for that sting on the tip of the tongue, the slow glowing cayenne or paprika for that background smokiness, and habanero for that fruity, intense white heat that just fills the palate all the way down the throat. The sauce base itself is pretty tasty with that sweet-savory combination, just enough butter and a vinegary zing that cuts through everything. Very hot but still perfectly balanced. I try to ask the staff what goes into it and they apologetically say the owners prepare it in secret; that it’s only given to them ready for use in bottles. If I had a sauce this good I’d jealously protect it as well.

It’s funny how every time I place an order for this I get the same incredulous look from the cashier. It’s funny how I always seem like I ran a 5K after a half-pound order because of all the beads of sweat dripping from my scalp. And it’s funny how I always look for the pleasurable pain not too long after a mild suffering. For chili heads out there, when in Manila, these are real-deal infernal.




Sunrise Buckets
Madison Square
Madison St. cor. Ortigas Ave.,
North Greenhills, San Juan City

Tel. (02) 477-7636



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  • MAY 2, 2011 9:03 AM

    sunrisebuckets said...

    Hi Paul, Thank yoooou for stopping by Sunrise Buckets. We are happy that you loooooved UCH (Ultimate Crazy Hot). We salute to you for being brave it trying this one out! =) Sunrise Buckets will soon be selling Sunrise Buckets Sauces and hmmm....UCH will definitely be included in the selection! Sunrise Buckets Where Life Is Simple.

  • MAY 2, 2011 4:06 PM

    Anonymous Paul said...

    so was I on the right track guessing what type of chilies went in there?

  • MAY 5, 2011 10:52 PM

    Kensei said...

    Sunrise Buckets hot wings (the boneless version) happen to be my favorite hot wings in town. Big, big fan of really hot stuff and Sunrise Buckets is the only one that actually fit the bill.

  • MAY 5, 2011 11:05 PM

    sunrisebuckets said...

    haha! close....very close....