Hangover Helpers: Shoyu Chashu Ramen

By Anonymous Paul on 23 February, 2011

Slurping is mandatory.

The only effective way to avoid getting a hangover is really…not to drink at all. But on the rare occasions of being plastered the night before and waking up with a throbbing head, this would be one of the foods I prefer to help me get by. A big bowl of shoyu chashu ramen (a.k.a. Tokyo ramen). Ukkokei Ramen Ron’s fine example of this dish consists of slow simmered pork belly or flank strips with marinated bamboo shoots (called menma) and thick-ish al dente ramen noodles in this most rich, bold and flavorful soy based broth topped with lots of chopped scallions.

Going in for a ramen facial.

The tender streaky (but not too fatty) pork, which has this slightly cured flavor almost resembling that of bacon or ham, provides one with necessary protein and the chewy noodles some much needed carbs. The hot umami packed broth fortifies and replenishes lost body salts from dehydration. (I generally prefer the soy base for its cleaner character versus the miso and tonkotsu.) The sprinkling of togarashi and chili laced sesame oil along with the actions of tucking your face into the steaming bowl helps clear the nasal passages.

Thankfully one need not be wasted to enjoy a great bowl of ramen. I’m thinking one would actually appreciate it more when sober.

Ukkokei Ramen Ron
Upper G/F Tesoro Building
Arnaiz Ave, Makati City

Tel: (632) 856 4588

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  • FEBRUARY 23, 2011 3:31 PM

    ChichaJo said...

    I have been wanting to go here! Have you tried their famous tantanmen?

  • FEBRUARY 24, 2011 12:27 AM

    anonymous paul said...

    Have only been here during lunch time, I understand they only serve the tantanmen 6pm onwards and just 10 bowls. It's like an urban legend but yeah I suppose it's worth trying out one of these days to see what it's all about.

  • FEBRUARY 26, 2011 2:05 AM

    sanju said...

    I had the Tantanmen last Saturday. Its very very good.

  • FEBRUARY 28, 2011 8:08 AM

    Chinkee said...

    Wow! This place has a lot of fans! I finally got to try it last week and the ramen really is good. Will surely try the tantanmen one of these days. Too bad they don't have a lot of options for my anti-pork hubby...

  • FEBRUARY 28, 2011 4:23 PM

    chiechay20 said...

    Went there last Sunday but they were closed :(

  • MARCH 1, 2011 10:57 AM

    Zharmagne said...

    Ukkokei has rude staff and the owner is even worse... Just a turn off to eat there even if their ramen is good. They're so rude to pinoys. Ramen bar at the piazza Venice in fort and east wood is the authentic counterpart of ukkokei BUT with friendly staff and super true to goodness ramen.

  • MARCH 1, 2011 5:09 PM

    anonymous paul said...

    @Zharmagne is this firsthand experience? The staff I find to be even overly efficient.

  • MARCH 1, 2011 5:21 PM

    Kitchyart said...

    Went to Ukokkei Ramen Ron last night and hands down, the best so far is the Kara Miso Negi (Spicy Level 5). Be sure to go early, like the Tan Tan Men, they only serve 10 bowls per evening. Happy slurping!

  • SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 12:05 PM

    huh said...

    @Zharmagne. sorry. i do understand that the "soup nazi" can be very rude. especially that incident with photographer Pat Dy. But comparing UKK's ramen to Ramen Bar, i'm sorry... Ramen Bar is way below my list of good ramen places. No insult to charlie and his Ramen Bar restos, but his chef's have no consistent quality. it was good before, but now, it's just garbage compared to the others. if you want substandard ramen and a comfy atmosphere, yeah sure Ramen Bar is ok. But you want ramen that will really give you a taste that is close to japan, then UKK or the other places in Little Tokyo.

  • NOVEMBER 10, 2012 9:41 PM

    Anonymous Paul said...

    Just gave Mitsuyado Sei-Men a go today. Along Jupiter street, and I must say it's a viable contender. Aside from typical ramens they have dipping style ramens called tsukumen. Tantanmen also available throughout the day.