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Table Suggestions: Sala Bistro

By franco on 8 November, 2009

Table Suggestions: Sala Bistro
Italian Seafood and Fish Stew

First impressions never tell the whole story.

I first dined at Sala Bistro a few months after its opening. It was a memorable meal for all the wrong reasons. An unsure service staff and food that was bland to point of being boring made dining at Sala Bistro an almost forgettable experience. Every mouthful was a constant reminder as to why diners should try newly-opened restaurants with a grain of sea salt. No matter how ready a restaurant seems for opening, there will always be ‘issues’.

Table Suggestions: Sala Bistro

Fast forward to last weekend. For whatever reason, A. and I decide to give Sala Bistro another try. I began my dinner with a hearty bowl of Tomato, Basil and Bread Soup (P280), immediately followed by a flavorful dish of Italian Seafood and Fish Stew (P780) and topped it all off with a decadent Ice Cream Sampler (P260) made up of scoops of Rum Raisin, Honeycomb, Banana Caramel. Rarely has a single meal been so scrumptious that it actually profoundly changed my opinion about a restaurant. Coupled with service that was courteous, informed, attentive and yet casual in their approach, this dinner was memorable for all the right reasons.

Table Suggestions: Sala Bistro
Rum Raisin, Honeycomb and Banana Caramel

Most establishments require time to find their footing, improve their service and blossom to restaurants they have the potential of being. You should never write anything off because of a less-than-stellar first impression.

In my opinion, Sala Bistro is now one of best restaurants in Metro Manila.

Sala Bistro

Ground Floor – Garden Side

Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center

Makati City, Metro Manila

Tel: (02) 729 4888/ (02) 729 7500

Fax: (02) 719 4993



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  • NOVEMBER 7, 2009 7:45 AM

    Chinkee said...

    "In my opinion, Sala Bistro is now one of best restaurants in Metro Manila."

    Good to know:-) Only ate there once (about a year ago) and had just an ok experience. Like you, maybe I'll give it another try.

  • NOVEMBER 13, 2009 6:30 AM

    ALiNe said...

    I haven't ate at sala bistro, sa SALA itself near PLDT.. in my opinion it's good but it's expensive.

  • NOVEMBER 13, 2009 7:25 AM

    dan said...

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    why is Viet cafe roasted in butter oil and sugar and how much sugar?????

  • NOVEMBER 15, 2009 7:32 AM

    gourmandtales said...

    good food, good service.. what more can you ask for

  • NOVEMBER 17, 2009 10:20 PM

    Franco said...

    Hey Chickee,

    I do strongly encourage giving Sala Bistro another try. It just might surprise you.

    Hello Aline,

    Oddly enough, I've been eating in a lot of Chef Mackay's restaurants lately. But Sala Bistro has quickly become the one that I truly enjoy.


    Leave a comment on Eating Asia. I'm sure Robyn will contact you immediately.

    Hi gourmandtales.

    Hmmm. A cheaper bill? :) But seriously, it was worth it.

  • NOVEMBER 25, 2009 8:33 PM

    CHEFBIGTUNA said...

    The cioppino looks so delectable with a toasted baguette. Would love to try this restaurant when I get back to Phils.