Food in Fashion? by our Table Guests, Little Miss Dress Up

By littlemissdressup on 15 November, 2009

Who says food and fashion don’t mix?
Well, Hanna and Rosanna of Little Miss Dress Up, are set to prove this wrong.
From two different countries comes two different meals, the Little Misses invited two food and fashion loving ladies out to grab a bite to eat!

Jet Set to Edinburgh, Scotland with Hanna!

Meet Lynne McCrossan – a certified fashionista and a lover of all things vintage and beautiful. She’s an ex-radio presenter turned fashion columnist cum book writer. Her current project? A girl’s guide to vintage shopping in the UK. It’s hitting your bookstores next May. It will be fabulous. And it will be my best friend.


LOCATION: The Wash Bar at the Mound, Edinburgh

WHAT LYNNE HAD: A bowl of chicken nachos

No laxatives and detox teas here!

Next Stop: Back home in Manila with Rosanna!

Meet Amina Aranaz-Alunan also known as my sister and my favorite shopping buddy! She’s an accessories designer and School of Fashion and The Arts founder.

What better way to cap off a day in the mall than with a nice dinner???

LOCATION: Crisostomo at the Eastwood Mall

WHAT AMINA (and I) HAD: Crispy tapa and a salad with danggit!

Which she paired with tempura stuffed with laing and tinapa fried rice.

Since both of us have such a sweet tooth, we had to satisfy that craving by having dessert! Next stop: La Creperie

Oh Crepe!

We both agree that fashionistas should never skip on dessert!
It’s the next best thing to a new pair of shoes!

Well it’s pretty obvious that we, The Little Misses, aren’t afraid to eat!

Hanna during a trip to Chicago with a great big bowl of pasta!

Rosanna in New York ready to devour some cheesecake from Junior’s!

1) Yes, fashionistas eat.
2) Loving fashion and food are not mutually exclusive.
(In fact most of the fashionistas we know are big foodies as well.)
3) Who says you have to skinny to be stylish??? Just be confident in your own skin because if you feel good about yourself, it will definitely show 🙂
4) But given the ultimate sophie’s choice of a great meal or a fabulous handbag?
We’re afraid the latter wins.

Franco Note: Thank you so much to Rosanna and Hanna of Little Miss Dress Up




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  • NOVEMBER 16, 2009 10:38 AM

    Sandra said...

    Hi, Where is Crisostomo located?? The dessert at Le Creperie looks soooooo tempting!! Would love to try both places.

  • NOVEMBER 16, 2009 2:43 PM

    Anonymous said...

    poorly written entry. they didn't even talk about the food! it didn't make much sense. their 'love for food' isn't even evident......i suggest they stick to fashion. disappointing.

  • NOVEMBER 17, 2009 6:21 AM

    Noelle said...

    Checked out Crisostomo and its too pricey for my budget. Enjoyed the salted butter and caramel crepe with stewed apples in La Creperie! So affordable! Thanks.

  • NOVEMBER 19, 2009 1:36 AM

    Anonymous said...

    Yes, fashionistas eat. Most of the time it ends up in the bathroom sink.

  • NOVEMBER 20, 2009 12:30 PM

    Mica said...

    Fashionista Amina looks like she has a plateful!!! Yummy!!