An Invitation

By franco on 19 August, 2009

Sisig Pambuc Babi from M Cafe
Sisig Pambuc Babi

We are inviting you to dinner.

In the month of September, Table for Three, Please and a couple of our food-obsessed friends are hosting a dinner—a dinner that will celebrate what Filipino cuisine can be and should be.

Bulanglang Asan from M Cafe
Bulanglang Asan

It’s a small and intimate dinner, reserved for those who truly love food. While we would like to invite everyone, there are only a few seats to go around.

Paco Ampo Paru from M Cafe
Paco Ampo Paru

If you are interested and what to know more, write us at All proceeds from this dinner will be going to charity.

One last thing, food snobs need not apply…


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