Table Conversation: Undercover Ruth

By franco on 4 May, 2009

The things editors do for their magazines.

I’ve read Garlic and Sapphires at least eight times–cover to cover. So, I imagine that qualifies me to be considered a fan boy of Gourmet magazine’s Ruth Reichl (besides, there is also a small mountain of Gourmet magazines by my bedside). After viewing this video on, I just couldn’t resist posting it on this blog.

Just a little backgrounder for you non-fanatics. Prior to her current gig as editor of Gourmet, Ms. Reichl was the highly influential restaurant critic of The New York Times. In order to experience restaurants as a normal guest, she would don an array of disguises to throw off ever-vigilant restaurant owners looking to score some stars (and some positive publicity).

I hope you have a good laugh. Enjoy.




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  • MAY 5, 2009 3:50 AM

    Watergirl said...

    I shared her recent interview on NY Magazine, it details what she ate over the course of one week. What a life, what a job! If only we could eat as she does, with the Gourmet test kitchen at our beck and call!
    Her new book about her mom is also out.

  • MAY 5, 2009 4:22 AM

    Lori said...

    Hilarious! It lost a bit of steam in the middle but wow. I didn't know Ruth has such skinny legs. :p It's a revelation when I "see" the person behind her written work.

  • MAY 6, 2009 12:46 AM

    Franco said...

    Hello Mila. Thanks. That was an interesting feature. How does this woman eat so much? But she does live an enviable life.

    Hi Lori. Seeing Ms. Reichl's full, moving and talking form is 'interesting'. Thank God, the people at Gourmet are such amazing editors and writers - the acting gig may not work out. :p

  • MAY 6, 2009 1:57 AM

    ragamuffin girl said...

    am a fan too! funny clip... she should have gone as Amy Winehouse and used the cotton candy as her beehive hair as she exited the resto. :)

    what a life! what a job!