Table Conversation: An Intimate Eyeball

By franco on 28 November, 2008

Chef Ariel Manuel's Creations at Lolo Dad's Brasserie
Creations by Chef Manuel at Lolo Dad’s Brasserie

I rarely attend eyeball events.

Most of the time, it’s usually about timing. Scheduling conflicts and so on. But truth be told, I’m also a fairly shy person who just happens to love sharing his delight for food. What started as a ‘first look’ lunch at a new restaurant of a very talented Filipino chef, eventually evolved into a very intimate eyeball for three (plus one). My dining companions for the day? Two food writers who I greatly admire and have the privilege of knowing outside the blogsphere: Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First and Margaux Salcedo of the Margauxlicious (plus the lovely company of Margaux’s sister, G).

What I love about these women, besides their unabashed love for food, is the fact that outside their foodie personas they lead very interesting lives. We did talk a lot about food but our table conversation was never limited to the gastronomical sphere. In fact, our little chats found their way to some strange and unusual places.
As for Lolo Dad’s Brasserie, let me say this: I am an ardent fan of Chef Ariel Manuel. Although I have no serious food issues concerning his new establishment, I think his brasserie needs more time to develop to the level that many diners have come to expect. I believe Chef Manuel’s new eatery is worth a visit but for now, come with more forgiving expectations. As for me, I will most definitely return. Maybe in a couple of months. Chef Manuel is always worth a second try.

Franco’s Note: If anyone knows Chef Manuel personally, please ask him to contact us. We would love to interview him. Trust me, we have tried. Almost to the point of being slightly ‘stalkerish’. And we promise, we will not bite.

Lolo Dad’s Brasserie
Ground Floor, 6750

Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 813-6750




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  • NOVEMBER 28, 2008 11:13 PM

    wysgal said...

    Wow Lolo Dad's in 6750! That's a lot more convenient for me than their branch in Manila that I never quite got around to visiting ...

  • NOVEMBER 29, 2008 3:51 AM

    margaux said...

    Really enjoyed that lunch Franco!

    Wysgal, can't believe you haven't been to the Quirino one you've been everywhere! The chefs I know are all praises for that branch.

    What did you think about the food, Franco?

  • DECEMBER 1, 2008 10:58 PM

    Franco said...

    Hi Wysgal. I agree with Margaux. Find the time to go to Lolo Dad's Cafe. I promise, it is worth the trip.

    Hi Margaux. I'm reserving my opinion until my next visit. :)

  • DECEMBER 4, 2008 1:48 PM

    gourmandtales said...

    an ardent fan as well, too bad i wasnt invited to the eyeball

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