My Take on Uno

By Monchu on 18 February, 2008

I looked forward to having dinner at Restaurant Uno, not only because of the good reviews I’ve heard from friends, but simply because it was my first assignment for this blog. I simply didnt want to fumble on my first day on the job. I made plans, and asked my test mouse to join me for a night out for a “taste-see”.
The Day – I decided against going with the crowd last Valentines Day. Instead, I opted for a late dinner (930sh) that weekend. I figured that the odds for most restaurants coming up with good service and good food would be somewhere between nil and slim, so I thought it best to measure it on a “regular” day.

First Impression? – Given the time, I was hoping that I will be able to get good parking. This hope was immediately shot down right after turning right at the corner of Little Asia. (Sorry – am bad with names, and usually navigate better using landmarks). Perhaps having to go around the block twice to find suitable parking is affecting my judgment, but a good dining experience should be pleasurable which starts immediately upon arriving at the restaurant. It was good that the security guard (on my second pass) was somewhat courteous and showed me where to park (about fifteen meters down the road)

At the table – At the table, the waiter handed to me a rather curious plastic laminated menu. I chose the Scottish Smoked Fish Chowder and the Humba. My test mouse chose the Carbonara. The selection on the menu was quite
intriguing, actually, though I did wonder if there was any specific theme. I also noticed that, even after the waiter got my order, the table was not prepped. (See pic). For drinks, I ordered Calamansi Soda, simply because it was not on the menu. While the restaurant did have Calamansi Juice, the waiter said that this was not possible. (!)
The Food – I was told once, when bread arrives, don’t touch it. Wait for the main course, and if you really must, have the bread. In this case, UNO served their dinner rolls toasty. I must say that I have a slight weakness for nice heated bread, and I thought that UNO just might have something up its sleeves.

For the soup, I must say that I was looking forward to something more appetizing. Blame it on the name, but I was expecting something more hearty from the Scottish Smoked Fish Chowder. Perhaps, I was looking forward to something more ..errrr… smokey?. I had my mouse try the Fish Chowder, and the Mouse said she was sticking to the Carbonara.

As for the Humba, I must say that I have to respect the expression of the chef of this fine dish. While it would be different from the way I would make it, or the way I know humba, the mixture was fine and delicate. The pineapple relish was tangy and its edges softened by garlic. This really complemented the sauce of the dish. Now, if it were a wee bit less tough… then I would say that this would be a verrrrry good dish.

Second to the Last point – the mouse did not finish the carbonara.

Last Point – In the middle of dinner, two young girls approached our table. One was playing the guitar, and the other one handed out a leaflet introducing their group asking for donation. Since we were seated on the second level, do I take it that this has the restaurant’s permission?

Would I go back to Uno? Probably yes. Home style cooking made funky and to try out the other dishes. But from this first trip out, I am of the mind that my friends may have been a bit too generous with how they described the place. Or maybe, it would have been best to come in without such a high expectation.

Restaurant Uno
195-C Tomas Morato cor.
Scout Funtabella Street
Quezon City
Telphone: (02) 374-0774

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  • FEBRUARY 24, 2008 1:14 PM

    Mariko said...

    Hey! No dessert?

  • FEBRUARY 25, 2008 7:33 AM

    Sakai said...

    hi monchu... u are inded very critical.. nice post.. hope u go tto try their dessert.. thogh i didnt have dessert too during my post.. i like their cheesecake though

  • FEBRUARY 26, 2008 9:57 AM

    idle me said...

    tasting good food for an assignment must be really fun and enjoyable. i wish i had that for an assignment, too. congrats on the job well done for your first assignment. :)

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