My Favorite Chefs by Our Table Guest, Chef Robert Pengson

By Guest on 28 November, 2007

Chef Rob's Favorite Chefs

Everyone needs a role model. For me, I try to pick the best people who I believe display extraordinary qualities that I would love to adapt myself. For their passion, boldness, commitment and excellence I have chosen Chef Joel Robuchon, Chef Ferran Adria and Chef Thomas Keller.

Joel Robuchon strikes me as the epitome of someone who does something great just for the hell of it. He gave up his Michelin Stars in order to make his restaurant as he saw it and not as others would like to see it. He gave up fame over being true to himself. I admire his boldness and respect his vigilant state of self-awareness. His food is also the best for me. Chef Joel Robuchon’s will is my inspiration now that I am planning to put up a restaurant of my own in the next few years. When was the last time you did something just for the hell of it?

Next, Chef Ferran Adria is the ultimate innovator. Although I have yet to try his food, his book has been an inspiration to me to go on and try new “wierd” and “out of this world” things when it comes to cooking. I sometimes feel chefs are trapped in a fixed way of thinking and remembering this chef’s genius reminds me to break away from the norm every now and then.

My third chef is Chef Thomas Keller. It is harder to impress your guest if you only have 2 -3 bites per dish as compared to serving in the main stream way. Many people do not quite yet understand the philosophy of the tasting menu but I believe it to be the most challenging work of a chef. This is why I continually strive toimprove myself in this arena.

We all need role models to emmulate.

You can watch Chef Rob on his show called Chef to Go on QTV-11 on every Sunday at 7 pm.




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  • NOVEMBER 29, 2007 6:05 AM

    wyatt said...

    I think thomas keller was a consultant in rataouille

  • MAY 9, 2008 12:55 AM

    Allan said...

    Potah ang tatanda na yan! i still love ROB! potah iba na to!!