The Best Burgers in Town by our Table Guest, Christine

By Guest on 25 June, 2007


Franco’s note: When we asked Christine of Ramblings from a Gypsy Soul to join us in our last Table Conversation on the best burgers in town, we were expecting maybe a one or two paragraphs reply. Instead, we received this. An answer so comprehensive and complete, it deserved its own post. So here it is, a Gypsy’s ramblings on the best burgers in town…

I was quite amused and challenged when I saw the topic for this post because compared to most people I know, I’m not much of a burger person. Don’t get me wrong, I love burgers just as much as the next person, but I rarely go out of my way for it and am definitely no expert. This is just one of those things I prefer home-made, with all my good stuff mixed in or crammed in and made to my liking.

I’m not spared though from the occasional burning need to have a burger in my hands and it’s juices streaking down to my elbows, when dining out. Listed below, in no particular order, are burgers found here in Manila that I love; burgers that I will be happy to feast on instead of my usual pasta at my favorite Italian restaurant; burgers that, in my opinion, will make converts of even the most cantankerous non-burger chompers out there:

Chili’s Peppercorn Burger – If you crave good old-fashioned chunky American hamburgers with heaping home-style fries to go with it, Chili’s can’t be beat! Their original Oldtimer is great but my favorite has to be the Peppercorn Burger. The massive patty is grilled and crusted with crushed peppercorn and aside from the usual trio of pickles, lettuce and tomato, it is crowned with Awesome Blossom – Chili’s famous battered and deep-fried onion strings – for that perfect crunch. But wait! That’s not all. There’s bleu cheese too, and I adore bleu cheese especially in my burger, but there isn’t enough on the burger so you have to ask for extra on the side.

The Barbarian from Kublai’s Rock in Magallanes (above photo)- The burger for your inner savage! The best part about this juicy half-pound burger is that it’s wrapped in bacon and topped with oozing melted cheese! It’s It’s not uncommon for me to skip the Mongolian buffet altogether in favor of this big guy, considering the buffet is what I usually go for. Everything about it is perfect, down to the bun which is in fact that the same bread they slice up and serve with their appetizers. If the size is too daunting, you can order the smaller Barbarian’s Wife.

Bun on the Run’s Choriburger – Who doesn’t love this?! That soft crumby bun, the crunchy coleslaw, the spicy and delicious chorizo patty and that creamy soft cheese! Oof, I’m drooling now! Even the funky smelling burps that lasted two days long were not enough to put me off. I was among the many who mourned it’s demise a few years back and rejoiced in it’s revival at Metrowalk. Yup, I drove to Pasig as soon as I found out and am happy to note it’s almost as good as the original. It may have decreased slightly in size but this is still the best choriburger in town.

Hot Shot’s Kamikaze Burger – When I prepare my own burgers, I like to crumble bleu cheese on top or slather it in wasabi mayo before I slap on the top bun. Wasabi mayo, like bleu cheese, propels the burger to a whole new dimension which is why these are my favorite burger toppings. Hot shots achieves this with it’s quarter-pound Kamikaze burger and at a great price of only P90. The wasabi mayo in the Kamikaze is not so in-your-face, it’s mild enough so even the uninitiated could handle it.

For my 5th choice, I am torn between the Boracay chorizo burger and Brother’s Burger. But since I already mentioned the Choriburger, I’ll go with Brother’s Burger with cheese and sauteed mushroom. The patty is flame-broiled and tender and already pretty good on it’s own but when topped with their special cheese and yummy sauteed mushrooms, it is excellent! Brother’s really doesn’t have a bad burger, they’re all good. Ok, it’s not technically a burger, but have you tried their Cheese Steak sandwich?! Ooh la la! Now if only they bring back their wasabi mayo.

So much for not being a burger enthusiast huh? 😉 Thank you for inviting me to be a Table Guest, guys!




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  • JUNE 25, 2007 3:18 PM

    katrina said...

    Great burger post! Now we know you're a good read even outside your own space! ;-)

    I am really not a burger lover at all (probably eat it less than 5x a year), but when I saw that picture up top, I thought -- WHERE can I get that?! When I read Kublai's, I laughed because you've added yet another item on their menu I want to try!

    I love Bun on the Run choriburger too, although I don't really put it in the same category as regular beef burgers. Now that they're back, I wish they'd reopen in Makati...preferably in their old spot near Glorietta cinemas. I can't count the number of movies I've watched while eating Bun on the Run.

  • JUNE 25, 2007 10:46 PM

    Socky said...

    Jesus, this post made me hungry for a burger! Specifically for Kublai Rock's. And Christine talked about it like I'd be a wimp if i ordered the wife.

  • JUNE 26, 2007 1:25 AM

    joey said...

    I'm drooling over the Kublai's burger, which I haven't had yet...hmmm, maybe tomorrow? :) Ack! Too many things I want to try!

    Nens, I haven't had wasabi mayo in so long...mmmm. C tried to recreate choriburgers for our dinner last night...YUM! Complete with the creamy cheese and coleslaw :)

  • JUNE 26, 2007 8:45 AM

    christine said...

    Sheesh how embarassing, looking at everyone else's reply and then at my own makes me realize how long-winded I can be! Yikes hehe.

    Katrina, thanks. :) Actually that picture doesn't really do it justice because you can't see the patty or the bacon wrapped around it, but ooohh the cheese on that thing! I've also had my share of movies with the Choriburger! That's one of the reasons I loved watching in Glorietta - that and the Taters' popcorn.

    Socky hehe, you wouldn't be a wimp if you had the Barbarian's Wife AND the chorizo sisig ;).

    Wow Jo, those chorizo burgers of C sound great! I love the cream cheese and chorizo patty combo. Kublai's will be launching their own chorizo burger soon too - using the same chorizo of that delicious chorizo sisig! :)

  • JUNE 27, 2007 4:43 AM

    margauxlicious said...

    I love your blog! What a great concept ... table for four with your table guest ... and count us readers in as the fifth in your party! Table guest Christine ... what a list! Always passed Kublai, never entered - now I will!

  • JUNE 28, 2007 12:20 AM

    Franco said...

    Hello Margauxlicious,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    We always like keeping our table open. As they say, the more, the merrier. :)

  • JUNE 29, 2007 10:08 AM

    christine said...

    I just found out the other night that the Barbarian's Wife is not the same as the Barbarian entirely. For one it doesn't have the bacon wrapped around it. So you're better off ordering the Barbarian. :)

  • AUGUST 22, 2007 12:21 AM

    Emil said...

    i really love brother's burgers. they're big and tasty. i like it with bleu cheese, it's the best add-on ever. i also enjoy their black angus burger.

    damn, i really want to try the barbarian burger. i have been hearing about it ever since. just reading your blog makes me crave for it even more. i want one right now for breakfast! haha. maybe i'll try it this weekend.

    do you know of those two burger joints in meralco avenue that used to be exactly where sicillian express is right now? one was buddies i think, they served amazing burgers there and they had really good chicken wings too. the other join i don't remember the name but they had one really huge burger which if you finished eating in less than five minutes you get to sign your name in some board or record book. those were really good burger joints. hope they open up again.